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Reasons You May Be Required to Attend Driving School

Driving School
Driving school can help you learn to drive or fulfill a legal requirement before you get your license, but there are other reasons you may need to attend a driving school. Whether you are a first-time teenage driver or are attending school later in life, what you put in will significantly affect what you get out of the classes.

First-Time Driver Programs

Teens are often excited to get their first driver's license and get out on the road, but most states have requirements for drivers under 18 years old that require them to attend a driving school. The school must meet specific guidelines and offer a particular amount of educational hours to qualify to fulfill this requirement, so if you are looking for a school to get started with, ask about the program before signing up. 

For first-time drivers, smaller classes can be more comfortable and less stressful, and some schools offer one-on-one training for students who need it. Direct instruction allows the instructor to tailor the training to the student's needs. If you need more driving time, they can give you that. And if you struggle is with the classroom material, the one-on-one time allows the instructor to focus on the area you are having a hard time grasping.

Ticket or Citation Dismissal Programs

In some states, you can go to traffic school to remove a ticket from your record. While many driving schools offer the classes for this, they are different from a basic driving program. The courses are intended for experienced drivers and often focus on defensive driving. These classes are design to reinforce the driving skills people already have and build on them with tactics that will make them a better driver.

Often, the court may order a driver to complete one of these programs if they have a history of traffic violations or accidents. The court may dismiss a citation you have once you complete the course, but this is not always an option depending on the offense committed. If you have this option, find a school that offers the course you need to complete, and take it seriously.

Often, first-time driving while intoxicated, or DUI offenses, require a trip to driving school. If you have an otherwise clean record, the court may expunge the charge from your record on completion of the course. In some states, the charge will remain on your record, but you will need the classes to get your license restored. In still other cases, the charge will stay on your record for a specified time, and if you keep your record clean, it will come off down the road. The option is up to the court.

Adult Driving Programs

Like the programs designed for teens, many driving schools offer adult driving programs for older people that never learned to drive, but want to learn later in life. Adult programs allow the student to learn in an environment with other adults. Sitting in a class filled with teenagers is not always comfortable for adults, so a separate class just for adults may make it easier to focus on the classroom curriculum.

When it is time for the road training and practice, the adult student will have similar requirements as basic driving programs, but the driving may be one-on-one instead of a group exercise. Not all schools teach the same way, so if you have any concerns about the program or what you will get for training, talk to the school before you enroll. The driving school can help you understand the program and the requirements so that you are comfortable.

Taggart's Driving School offers classes that will fit into all these categories and can help you get the skills to make you a confident and skilled driver. Give us a call today to inquire about classes that fit your needs and your schedule.

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